The KiSS 103.1 Morning Show

Weekdays, 6am to 10am
Hang out with Vanessa and Tyler every weekday morning from 6 to 10. They tell hilarious stories, argue over nothing (like if hot dogs are sandwiches or not), and play fun games with prizes EVERY DAY! Missed a show? Don’t worry…The Best of the KiSS 103.1 Morning Show airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10am.

Afternoons with Bailey

Afternoons, 2pm-6pm
Wait a second, Bailey is now on air during our drive home?! That's right! Your favorite lunch timer just turned into your favorite afternooner.  Hang out with Bailey, every afternoon from 2pm-6pm! 

Middays with Matty B

Weekdays 10am-2pm
Ramen, boy bands, and action figures, these are a few of his favourite things. When he’s not traveling the world he’s usually on his couch watching obscure reality shows on Netflix. Listen while your at work to Middays with Matty B!

Old School Lunch

Daily at 12pm
Listen Weekdays starting at Noon for the Old School Lunch! One hour commercial free of your favorite throwback tracks!

Roz & Mocha

Join Roz & Mocha from 6-8pm on KiSS 103.1.

DJ Trouble

Weekdays, 6pm to 8pm
Join Trouble from 8pm-12am, Mon-Thurs and Sunday afternoon 4pm-8pm.

Kevin and Sonia

Saturdays & Sundays 12pm-7pm
Join Kevin & Sonia from 12-2pm every Saturday.

Zach Sang Worldwide Countdown

Friday 8:00pm-11:00pm, Saturday 5:00pm-8:00pm
Broadcasting from Hollywood to planet Earth, Zach Sang Worldwide Countdown is an international hangout with listener–driven and trending content, interviews and performances from the world’s biggest stars, and packed with the week’s hottest hit music from around the globe!

Set It Off with Mocha & DJ Clymaxxx

Saturdays 8pm -10 pm
Every Saturday night starting at 8pm, we Set It Off with the pre-party to your party on the radio! Set It Off is hosted by the DJ Clymaxxx & Devo Brown , and features 2 hours of the hottest hits and club anthems mixed and remixed!

YouTube Hits

Saturdays 9am-10am & Sundays 8pm-9pm

Victoria's #1 For Hit Music

KiSS 103.1 is Victoria's #1 For Hit Music