Post Malone loves his face tattoos, clearly…since he just got some more!

First, he got “Always Tired” tatted under his eyes…



But, that obviously wasn’t enough ’cause honestly, how could it be? Way too casual.

Even after the ridicule he received for his ‘Always Tired’ tattoos. He said he would keep getting face tattoos “to piss his mom off.”

No joke, here’s the quote:

So, he spiced things up with this:


Tokyo 3T @threetidestattoo @postmalone #postmalone #bangxganji

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He got these scribbles at a tattoo shop, Three Tides Tattoo parlour when he was visiting Tokyo

The reactions on Twitter are priceless:

Legit though, or like he got some random face painting done…



Same girl, same.



I see it.



When you’re already planning that Halloween costume…



Regardless, we can admit two things: He SOMEHOW IN SOME CRAZY WAY pulls them off – don’t @ me. He does. AND his songs are straight fire, that it doesn’t even matter, we stan him anyway.

Be you Posty, never change.





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