CONFIRMED: We are mere hours away from brand spankin’ new music from The Weeknd.

It’s only been a little more than a year since we were #Blessed with The Weeknd’s last album (Starboy, duh), but it feels like a freakin’ lifetime. Gratefully, it seems the Toronto-native has been busy cooking up some new tracks for us since we heard from him last.

The new album was confirmed by a billboard in London, England this morning. The ad features a black and red pic of The Weeknd’s with the text, “new album from The Weeknd, available now” scrolled along the bottom, which has led some people to believe the advertisement went up one day too early.

Unsurprisingly, images of the billboard circulated on Twitter immediately after it went up and a few hours later, The Weeknd himself confirmed the drop on his Instagram.


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The Toronto megastar got his fans talking about the potential for new music when he posted an equally mysterious photo to Instagram just yesterday.

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As for the album itself, very little information has been shared. We know virtually nothing about the features, which producers worked on the album and even the record’s overall vibes. Stay tuned.


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