Whoever gave the green light for this idea for a woman to ride a horse into a Florida club is probably kicking themselves right now…

A video popped up online that was being shared all over social media recently and it showed a woman in a bikini, riding a white horse onto the dance floor of the Mokai Lounge in Miami.


You can see from the video the dance floor is super crowded when the woman shows up on the horse.  It looks like the horse panicked and throws her off its back, and that’s when people on the dance floor disperse.

The club is now under police investigation and according to Yahoo!, there is even a Change.org petition out there trying to get the Mokai Lounge license revoked after many on social media called out the club for animal abuse and cruelty.

Fortunately, the Miami Beach Police found the horse and inspected it, and said it was “healthy and safe.”

Melissa Berthier, Miami Beach spokeswoman, told Huffington Post that the woman riding the horse in the video looked like she was an employee of Mokai Lounge, “but that’s still under investigation.”

h/t Huffington Post




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