Soon you’ll be able to grab food and go while you ride the Pandora Avenue bike lane.

Love them or hate them, the bike lanes in Victoria are here to stay. One business has decided to embrace the new lanes and try out an exciting new idea restaurant idea.

Usually, when you try to ride your bike through a drive-thru, you’d be denied service. But Dobosala Cantina and Ride-Thru say it will provide a take-out option for cyclists passing by on the Pandora bike lanes. The Indo-Pacific restaurant will be the first of it’s kind in the city, and possibly anywhere, to allow users of the bike lane to place an order at one window and then ride up to a second window to grab food to go. Pedestrians won’t be left out though, the window will also be accessible to those on foot wishing to place an order.

The concept is meant to be straight-forward and easy to use, and the food that will be offered will be designed for you to get your food right away.

Kunal Ghose is the owner-operator of Dobosala Cantina and says he wants to embrace the growing bike culture in Victoria and offer something different in for the city that already has so many amazing and unqiue restaurants.

Ghose hopes that the restaurant will become a destination spot for locals and tourists and even has the seal of approval from Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps.


Dobosala Cantina is set to open this March.


Original Story from CTV Vancouver Island

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