Did IMDb, our go-to online source for deets about movies and TV shows, reveal who plays Riverdale’s green-eyed black-hooded killer?

Buried in the full cast list for the final episode of Season 1, there’s a credit for “Gunman” and he’s portrayed by Canadian actor Jay Clift. But he isn’t listed for any other appearances in subsequent episodes.

Well, well, well, isn’t this interesting. Who could this guy possibly be?! We looked at the full cast list for the first episode of Season 2 and the credit for the gunman is missing. Does this mean the man who tried to shoot Fred Andrews is not the same man who attacked Ms. Grundy?! We wouldn’t put it past Riverdale to serve up a twisted twist like this, so who knows. Maybe the creators decided to leave Clift uncredited for this season? Or maybe he just played the gunman in the finale and the writers haven’t landed on who the killer is yet?

Our heads are spinning.



An eagle-eyed Riverdale fan pointed out the Jay Clift tip days ago—and so far this is the only tweet we’ve seen making the connection.


Another fan thinks @DaniBurnsRed may be onto something.


While Redditors have been been running wild with theories about who tried to murder Archie’s dad (my vote was always on Hiram Lodge!), if we go by Clift’s credit it seems like the show hasn’t introduced us to the killer yet, so it can’t be someone we already know. It’s also worth noting that Clift has brown eyes… but the show could be using some impressive green-coloured contacts.

If the killer is Clift, we’re gonna need to give a lil talking to ol’ IMDb—Dark Betty style.

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