Fall starts tomorrow… which means the new Fall cups at Starbucks start too! 



The cups for Fall 2017 are a bit more on the . . . simple side. This year Starbucks is featuring three different colours of cups in purple, blue, and orange jewel tones, and feature either fall sketches (pumpkins, owls, and pie) or plain white circles you can doodle on.


Starbucks Fall Cupss


What will you doodle on your PSL or Salted Caramel Mocha?

Or, maybe you’ll try the new drink Starbucks is releasing tomorrow?

The MPL (as it’ll appear on cups along with your misspelled name) or Maple Pecan Latte will be available at Starbucks nationwide beginning Sept. 22.

The drink is made with maple pecan sauce that has hints of maple syrup, pecan, and brown butter; Starbucks’ classic signature espresso; and your choice of steamed milk. It’s topped with orange and white sugar crystals, and can be served hot or iced.

Those who’ve been able to sample it early it’s pretty delicious, according to Delish.

Writer Madison Flager suggests having it hot with almond milk, for a drink that’s a tad less sweet than the PSL and smells like pancakes and syrup.


YUM! Can’t wait to try it.


The Maple Pecan Latte and Fall cups will be available for a limited time only.


Happy sipping and doodling!



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