The wildfire situation in the interior is getting very scary. Over 40,000 people have now been evacuated. The cost of the fight has reached $81 million. There is no estimate on how many homes have been lost, because it is too dangerous for officials to go and check. There is some rain on the forecast for Thursday, but otherwise there will be a lot of sun and heat.

BC Wildfire Services has released a map displaying where the current fires are.

The entirety of William’s Lake was evacuated on Saturday. A list of evacuation orders is available for the interior. There is an interactive map in each order. Most evacuee’s are currently residing in Kamloops.

Out of province firefighters have come in from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia to help with the blazes. Firefighters from Vancouver Island have also helped join the fight.

There is currently a fire ban on Vancouver Island.

If you want to help out with relief efforts for families who have lost it all, there are many ways to help. A Facebook page set up by KiSS listener Cora Ringheim has been set up for material donations.


Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday a donation drive will be help.

You can drop off good to The Sandman Hotel (2852 Douglas St) parking lot and the Trafalgar Legion (411 Gorge Rd E) parking lot. Canned food is currently the most needed item.

The goal is to fill a 26ft truck by 8pm on Thursday! Cash donations are not being taken, but gift cards are greatly appreciated.

Arrangements can be made for donations to be picked up, just call (250)532-9256

You can also make a donation the BC Fires Appeal Red Cross here, or by texting FIRES to 45678

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