This is gonna be one of the greatest things you see all day, possibly all week.

Remember in the early 2000’s when Emo music and it’s whiny sound took over the world? You wore skinny jeans that were way too tight and eyeliner that was WAY too thick and black? It’s okay, those dark days are behind you but this hilarious video is going to take you right back to the days of Bullet for my Valentine and My Chemical Romance.


Super Deluxe is an entertainment company committed to amplifying creative voices that live just outside the mainstream and they just made the more HILARIOUS video.
They put together an Emo Trump Song and it’s exactly like it sounds. Trump speech phrases sung in the tune of an Emo ballad.

In the description for the music video it reads “We thought Donald Trump’s tweets were as sad as it gets, until we turned his speeches into an early 2000s emo song.”

Since things are going South for The Donald in terms of popularity among his fans, friends, and political peers (he does/did have a few) this is a fitting tribute to the President who, in his own mind, can do no wrong. Sad Donald sings of injustices he faces in the form of hurtful words thrown his way in his first few months in office.


This will either bring back bad flashbacks of your youth or it will inspire whiny bands to reunite and create more dark and depressing music once again. Let’s hope for neither.

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