1/5th of the Backstreet Boys took Sugar Night Club by storm on Tuesday night.


There was a serious nostalgia overload at Sugar as Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys performed in Victoria on November 22nd.

Carter treated fans to a fun mix of BSB favourites, original music and a few fun covers including Wonder Wall by Oasis and a little tease of Jesse’s Girl by Rick Springfield.

Under the management of the people from Atomique Productions, the crowd at Sugar that night was made up mostly of die-hard female fans looking to relive the early 2000’s and a few dutiful boyfriends and husbands. The women were more than eager to try and grab a photo of Nick as he got ready to take the stage after Canadian openers The New Electric from Calgary and Ontario born Dan Talevski.

When musicians are used to playing sold out arena’s across the globe to thousands of screaming fans, there’s always a bit of a worry in the back of your mind that they’re going to ‘phone it in’ for these smaller shows. But when Nick Carter took the stage, the roar of the Victoria fan would probably have put a number of those large arenas to shame. My ears are still ringing two days later. Before even grabbing the mic to greet his fans you could tell from his energy that he was going to treat this show like any one of his upcoming Vegas shows with the four other members of the Backstreet Boys crew.

Carter was a fantastic showman with nothing but love for his fans, going all out with his vocals, killer dance moves and even doing a few costume changes! A number of jokes were going around that he must be strapped for cash if he’s doing these solo shows, but after seeing him live it seems like he might just do it out of the love he has for his fans and for performing.


Relive the night, or see what you missed with these great photos courtesy of RMS Media

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