Hey Party People!


This is a very tough note to write, but I wanted to be as honest with you as possible. This Friday will be my last day on air with Kiss 103.1 in Victoria. This is a decision that I had to make based on family situations. There are certain things going on right now, and after taking some time to think it over, it became clear that my family and I needed to move to handle what is happening. I won’t get into the details, just know it was a decision my wife and I agonized over, but it came down to doing what’s right for my family.


I cannot thank the management team at Kiss and Rogers enough, as they have helped me immensely through this tough time. And luckily for me, Rogers has found a spot for me as a morning show host with the company at K-Rock in Kingston, Ontario. Again, this was such a tough decision to make, moving across the country, but I have to take care of my family, first and foremost.


I have had the most amazing time working with Vanessa, as well as Bailey, Crash, Dez and every other member of the Kiss team. We’ve built some incredible memories that I will never forget. This is a special team, and I will miss them dearly.


And thank you to you! Thank you for calling, listening, facebooking, tweeting, snapping and coming to say hi at events. Talking and joking with you has been some of the most fun I’ve had during my Radio career. You embraced us and joined us on our journey of weird. I’ll desperately miss yelling stuff at you every morning.


Goodbyes are always tough, and I wish the circumstances were different, but life is a crazy beast. I would love to hear from you before I go. Vanessa and I will put everything we have into this last week of shows. So please keep the calls and comments coming.


I’ll miss this crazy and beautiful Island. I will miss the KiSS team, and I will miss you. Thank you for helping to make my time in Victoria so amazing.


Lovingly yours,


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