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Bryce Dallas Howard was open an honest on the red carpet at the Golden Globes last night when asked about her dress. Howard wasn’t happy with her options from designers as a size six, so she said, screw it, I’ll get my own damn dress.

Bryce hit the red carpet last night looking absolutely stunning. As she explained to Giuliana Rancic, picking out the dress was all her call. Howard says that being a size six means that designers don’t have a lot of options for her, so she went to the store and picked out her own dress. However, there’s always a catch. This department store dress was a $4,800 gown by Jenny Packham. Check out the video below:



In the video above, Giuliana Rancic emphatically agrees with Jenny… but let’s be honest.



For the most of us department stores are our go to, celebs just don’t understand… EXCEPT BRYCE HOWARD, KOODOS TO YOU!