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Archive for “Cover” Tag

Walk Off The Earth Cover OMI’s Cheerleader

Posted on by Crash Davis

WOTE Cheerleader



The band has done some extremely inventive things in the past while covering some of the biggest songs, and they’re back at it with a tour bus rendition of Cheerleader!


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AC/Hill Billy

Posted on by



Check out this back woods version of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck by a Finnish band Steven n’ Seagulls.  It’s a knee slappin ho-down of a good time!

Click here to watch

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Beer Bottle Billie Jean

Posted on by



Thinking about taking all those empites in this weekend?  Maybe hold off until you try this.

Click here to watch

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Walk Off The Earth Get In The Spirit!

Posted on by Crash Davis


Walk Off Earth Xmas



The Canadian group Walk Off The Earth, known for their creative YouTube videos, have taken a Christmas Classic and made it ten times better.




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Rolling Stone Sinks With New Cover

Posted on by Mel Z

August is going to be bloody hot month for Rolling Stone magazine. And we’re not talking about the summer heat. The new cover of the Rolling Stone is causing a bonfire online.

rolling stonemansonI’m sure it’s no surprise for Rolling Stone to wake up this morning to a lot of heat. The latest cover for the magazine has the Boston Marathon bombing suspect on the cover. They must have been ready for the backlash. They felt the same thing back in the 70′s when Charles Manson was featured on the cover.

Or were they ready for this? Back in the good old 70′s –  they didn’t have the voice of the people firing back at them by the thousands. 2013 has the internet cannons of Twitter and Facebook raging loud and clear. The debate has been on all morning. Some people say…it’s thought provoking — and isn’t that what journalists are meant to do?…. Others say. Wrong — It’ a glorification of heinous behavior.

Rolling Stone Cover Sinks

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