The KiSS 103.1 Morning Show

Weekdays, 6am to 10am
Hang out with Vanessa and Tyler every weekday morning from 6 – 10. They tell hilarious stories, argue over nothing (like if hot dogs are sandwiches or not) and play fun games with prizes EVERY DAY! Missed a show? Don’t worry… The Best of the KiSS 103.1 Morning Show airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10am.


Weekdays, 10am to 2pm
What do chicken nuggets, throwback songs and gin have in common? Nothing. But you’ll hear all about them, and more, when you hang out with Bailey from 10-2 every weekday. Listen for the Old School Lunch at Noon and a bunch of other weird stuff on KiSS 103.1 Midday’s.

Afternoons with Crash

Afternoons, 2pm-6pm
Crash loves longs walks on the beach, three-legged unicorns, the Chicago Cubs, and his wife and two daughters…not necessarily in that order. He also loves playing Non-Stop Hits every afternoon from 2pm-6pm! The best part of his show is when DJ Mike Tomas takes over with the Afternoon Traffic Jam just after 5 o’clock! Just don’t tell Crash we said that…

Adam Wylde

Weekdays, 6pm to 8pm
Adam Wylde is the host of the spectacularly named "Adam Wylde Show", which you can hear every afternoon on KiSS 103.1.

Weekends With Dez

Saturdays & Sundays 12pm-7pm
Dez’s life consists of a lot of coffee, being awkward, juicy gossip & the occasional box of wine. She’s also an exceptional #DogMom. So if you’re into any of that, tune into KiSS Weekends with Dez.

Victoria's #1 For Hit Music

KiSS 103.1 is Victoria's #1 For Hit Music

Old School Lunch

Daily at 12pm
Every day at noon be listening to KiSS 103.1 for your Old School Lunch! We will be playing all of your favourite throwbacks. Send in your requests through Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or call/text us at 250 384 1031!

Hit Storm

Saturdays 6pm-8pm & Sundays 7pm-9pm

YouTube Hits

Saturdays 9am-10am & Sundays 9pm-10pm

Afternoon Traffic Jam with DJ Mike Tomas

A killer music mix from DJ Mike Tomas to get you through your daily commute! Powered by: campus-honda-team

Set It Off with Mocha & DJ Clymaxxx

Saturdays 8pm -10 pm
Every Saturday night starting at 8pm, we Set It Off with the pre-party to your party on the radio! Set It Off is hosted by the 2 time Stylus Award Winning Mix show DJs of the year, Mocha & DJ Clymaxxx, and features 2 hours of the hottest hits and club anthems mixed and remixed!