If you’re a diehard Taylor Swift fan, you’ll want to get her brand new app on your phone!

It’s called The Swift Life, and she mentions in the video announcement that they’ve been working on the app for a while. It’ll give fans exclusive pictures and videos, they’ll be able to comment on photos, and T-Swift can also like and comment on posts. You can chat with friends and play music from the app, and it even features Taymojis you can collect and use. We’re guessing there will be a lot of cute cat emojis. =D

EW reports that Taylor teamed up with Glu, which is the company Kim Kardashian partnered with for her app released in 2014.

In a statement from Nick Earl, Glu’s CEO, he says after working very closely with Taylor, “The result is a deeply social environment where Taylor and her fans are able to better connect with one another while expressing themselves in an interactive community. We look forward to its worldwide launch later this year.”

The app is scheduled to be released before the end of 2017.


h/t EW

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