If you grew up with Disney movies, chances are you’ve memorized the words to every Disney song from them.

This could turn out to be your very own Cinderella story. 🙂



You have a chance to put those skills to work and get paid to be a Disney Princess or Disney character. **I REPEAT** YOU COULD BE A REAL DISNEY PRINCESS!!!!!

Later this month, Disney is going to be in Toronto to hold auditions for some major roles. They’re trying to find their next stars from the following blockbusters:
– Aladdin
– Beauty and the Beast
– Brave
– Captain America
– Cinderella
– Frozen
– Moana
– The Little Mermaid
– Pirates of the Caribbean
– Sleeping Beauty
– Snow White
– Tangled


Anyone else getting so excited about this news?




If you get the gig you gotta be willing to work at the Disney Park in Shanghai and go to Toronto next week for the auditions. Your job means you’ll be in stage shows, parades, meet and greets, and special events.

Here are the requirements:

• Performers must be at least 18 years of age
• Performer must ready and willing to relocate to Shanghai, China for the duration of their contract.
• Please bring a copy of your current photo and resume.
• Please wear comfortable attire; you will be asked to learn a movement combination.
• Male, 5’8”-6’2”, acting and movement experience a plus. Seeking good looks and athleticism.
• Female, 5’2”-5’7”, great presence and poise; acting and movement experience a plus.

Note: You should be prepared for a short movement combination, and may be asked to read.


Now if ONLY the auditions were in Vancouver. Looks like we have to book a flight to Toronto first.



Here’s the job listing if you’re into it. 


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