Peter, Peter, Peter—WHEN will you learn?! You lost Rachel because you couldn’t promise her a proposal—even though, by the way, that is how almost every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette has ended. Isn’t it obvious? You are so not reality-show-to-find-love material. And yet, here you are, signing up for something called Bachelor Winter Games.

Mike Fleiss, the producer of The Bachelor, confirmed Peter’s involvement in the intriguing spinoff—set to air February 2018—via tweet.

What exactly will go down on The Bachelor Winter Games? Well, Deadline reports that viewers will see Bachelor fan faves reunited at a “luxurious winter resort” where they will battle in winter-themed athletic challenges. Soooo, yes—it’s basically the Olympics, but all the “athletes” are trying to find love.

Fleiss also revealed that at least 12 nations will be represented…

…And that he’ll be in search of Hot Chocolate? We can only imagine what that stands for.

If we were pals with Peter, we’d probs be a little concerned about his life choices right now. But since we’re simply avid Bach fans, we are VERY excited to see more Kraus in the house.

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