Ryan Thirlwall has been a prominent community-builder in Victoria for years and in the past done the Tutu Walk for Hope events in 2012 and 2016 on Vancouver Island for anti-bullying awareness and child youth suicide prevention.

Now, Ryan has partnered with friend Roland Ruhl-Larocque to create not only a Facebook page, but a community both online and in the real world, and possibly even a global movement one day.

Thirlwall and Ruhl-Larocque co-created the Facebook group Ballin’ Pics and Clicks, based out of Victoria B.C and Ft. Assiniboine, Alberta with a vision of having a safe, positive, uplifting online community for people coast to coast and abroad to log onto and inspire one another to create more loving interactive relationships on and offline.

The page was created 3 months ago and in that short amount of time, their movement has spread and grown world wide and is now reaching over 20,000 members. Although the group is a closed one, one of the biggest leaps to date has been when 11,000 joined / were added within a span of 7 days in the first week of September.


What does it take to join the group? Just be the kind of person that believes in living life to the fullest, respecting one another and spreading peace and love through uplifting comments and pictures.



But simply getting people to react and share posts on the group wasn’t enough. Ryan, Roland and other Admins in the group wanted to turn that into real world action. Between Victoria and Edmonton, the group decided to host an event in their respected provinces/communities this upcoming weekend.

This first, of hopefully many, events is being called a “Flash Feeding Frenzie.” Where members from both British Columbia and Alberta will be meeting and distributing Gift cards, food, clothing and other basic essential our to the homeless/less fortunate in our cities downtown cores. This is meant to be in preparation for winter and paying it forward to the communities.

Ryan shared with me that they’re hoping to launch more events in the future and continue to expand their community’s reach. While the majority of the groups members are based in Canada, they have seen their posts and community reach around the world to the likes of the UK and Australia.


Thirlwall is hoping to bring together members all over the world together to help promote positive pro-activity in hopes they can further spread their message and build for a brighter future.


Listen to my full interview with Ryan here:



 Flash Feeding Frenzie

When: Sunday, September 24th

Time: 6:00pm

Where: Front of Victoria City Hall

Things to Bring: Gift cards, food, clothing and other basic essential our to the homeless/less fortunate.



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