Some people noticed BLOOD leaking out onto the street behind a Louisiana funeral home recently.


This happened just outside the Greenoaks Funeral Home in Baton Rouge. City officials said it was blood mixed with embalming liquids, including formaldehyde, and it was leaking from a holding tank behind the business after there was a stoppage in the line. Good thing the leak only lasted for about 20 minutes.

Adam Smith, who is with the Department of Environmental Services told a local news outlet, “We sent both our sewer inspector and our environmental specialists to take a look, we determined that it wasn’t a sewer issue and that it was an issue on private property.”

Huffington Post reports that the funeral home released a statement and apologized “for any inconvenience this may have caused visitors to our cemetery.”

This is definitely one of the most cringe-worthy stories we’ve seen this week!

h/t Huffington Post
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