Britney’s Piece of Me show at Planet Hollywood in Vegas will wrap up this December after 4 years. And her residency probably helped her rake in a good chunk of cash flast year…almost $16 million!!

According to TMZ, she spent $10,956,873.91 of that cash in 2016. That’s a LOT of money, but she did make enough last year to cover the cost of everything she needed and wanted.

She stopped at places like Target and Pottery Barn, and supermarkets including Vons, Albersons, and Ralphs. Her expenses included $122,613 for massages, nails, and grooming, $69,688 for her wardrobe, and $24,392 for hair and makeup. She also spent $29,852 on her dogs.

We guess if some people have the money, they’ll definitely spend it!



h/t TMZ

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