With it being summertime, BBQ’s are a must! BUT BEWARE of your Stainless Steel BBQ Brushes! Over the weekend, a buddy of mine had a medical incident that involved swallowing a BBQ brush bristle. Yes A bristle from a BBQ brush got lodged in his throat. He took the first bite of his burger he had prepared, when he swallowed, he had a sharp pain stabbing his left tonsil in his throat. Instantly, he ran to the bathroom freaking out. He was spitting up blood and salivating a lot! 


Basically he went to the hospital and got it removed and lived to tell the tale! Luckily, people were willing to step in with some BBQ advice: KiSS listener Christine sent us this message:

“Hey guys I am an avid BBQ person. You have to choose the right BBQ scraper. The cheap ones will lose their bristles over time. If you invest in a brand name one like Weber or napoleon they tend to last longer and it is very so much like a toothbrush you need to replace them often.”

Thanks Christine!!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need go to Canadian Tire to get me a new BBQ brush! 


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