“30 million people want a shot, how much would it take for you to spread those legs apart / You could be famous / If you come up anywhere else, I’ll erase you / We are the gatekeepers / Spread your legs, open up you could be famous / You know we’re holding the dreams that you’re chasing / You know you’re supposed to get drunk and get naked .”

These are just some of the powerful yet honest lyrics that Jessie Reyez sings in her song / short film ‘Gatekeeper’.

In the video above, Jessie depicts a late-night studio session in which she attends and has to endure this treatment from another male musician.

The song is based off a real-life experience that Jessie had that she said nearly destroyed her.

Along with the song’s release she wrote a letter to the man who inspired this song. In it she says “You almost killed the kid in me that night…You almost made me quit music. That night I got home I couldn’t sleep and cried until morning. If it wasn’t for the morals that my parents instilled in me, I might have done it.”



The song and the video put a spotlight on some of the misogyny that women often times have to put up with in the music industry from their male counterparts.

The video is difficult to watch, but it wouldn’t hit the nerve that it does if it was depicted in any other way ( it also contains some mature language).

Watch the video for Jessie Reyez’s ‘Gatekeeper’ above.

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