A single mom tried to crowd source to take her kids to Disney World, and people didn’t like it.

Nikki Smith is a 33 year old mom from England who works 2 nights a week in a hospital and she felt she didn’t have the money to take her 2 daughters to Disney World. So she thought she’d set up a GoFundMePage to see if she could raise enough money to make her daughters dreams come true.


Her GoFundMe page was shared around 18,000 times, but it was not from people who agreed with her for the most part. The majority was from people who were upset with her for asking for  “money that every single mom has to try and get without asking for it”.


‘I didn’t realize – it was a bad idea I guess,’ she told the Sun Online. ‘I didn’t think people would react like that.”


Nikki has since dropped her plea for help.


What do you think? Bad idea or good? Should people have hammered her for it, or just moved along?


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