Julia is an adorable little girl with red hair, green eyes, and also happens to have autism.


This character was actually brought to life in print and digital forms over a year ago, and now Sesame Street is bringing Julia to TV land!


Sesame Street has always been about diversity, and inclusiveness, and Julia is just another example of that.


As is usually the case, the people behind Sesame Street didn’t take this lightly and engaged in years of consultation with autism experts. Here’s more about how Julia came to life:



It’s so important that kids grow up in a world of understanding and acceptance. Everyone is “different” in their own way, but it’s how we treat each other that matters. Adults sometimes forget that, but kids have the opportunity to learn it at a young age.


Well done, Sesame Street!!!


Julia will make her television debut on April 10th on PBS and HBO. 🙂




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