Netflix is now allowing you to skip past the opening credits on their Original Shows. Now you’ll never have to hear the awful theme song for Orange is the New Black ever again!

When you’re into a serious binge-session, you have ZERO time to watch the same opening credits over and over and over again.

Well, Netflix is changing the whole binge-watch game game by introducing a new button which lets you skip the opening credits of some shows, according to The Verge. Twitter users began noticing this week that if you hover over the title sequence for some Netflix originals like House of Cards and Iron Fist, that a “Skip Intro” button pops up.


As of right now, the feature isn’t available on every platform. It works when you’re streaming online, but not through the app. It’s also not clear whether or not they’ll expand the feature beyond Netflix originals and to shows with cold opens — where the show starts before the opening credits are played. But hey, it’s a start!


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