In an interview with Fuse TV the duo credit their first hit, ‘Whiskey’ with developing their sound, “Our sound really started from ‘Whiskey,’ which is the first song we made together…We kind of stumbled into it. I just happened to have a hip-hop beat on my computer, I was making a bunch of different beats, and I played that one for Sam. We started writing the song to it and it turned into this thing really liked, but we weren’t sure if it was anything. We sent it out to the Internet, and people were really responding to it and wanted more.”

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One of the people who have been big fans of their sound is Lauren Jauregui. The Fifth Harmony member stepped out on her own to create some new music with music duo Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol (Marian Hill) for their song, ‘Back to Me’.



Lauren has long been a “huge fan” of the duo as she told The FADER, “Being able to form a genuine connection with them and then write together on this track was such an honor…I’m happy to be able to give people a snippet of my vibe for the first time in collaboration with them. I’m very proud of this track so I hope everyone enjoys it.”

She added. “Somehow, in the midst of both of our schedules, we managed to make it happen…”Back To Me” began with the two of us on a plane and Lauren in a hotel room, ending with the recording in Jeremy’s bedroom. It has been our jam for the past several months. Now it belongs to you.”

Lauren isn’t the only Fifth Harmony member who has done work outside of the group. Camila Cabello has worked with Shawn Mendes (‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’), Machine Gun Kelly (‘Bad Things’) and most recently Cashmere Cat on his single, ‘Love Incredible’).




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